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Technology is leaping forward, constantly striving to maximize efficiency and offer optimal solutions for businesses. Technology however can be challenging to adopt and implement, and there is an absence in utilizing it to its full potential.

We believe in making this technology available and accessible.
IQ Robotics is redefining boundaries in the supply chain and logistics industry to offer fully automated solutions powered by robotics and AI to change the fabric of industry.

Welcome to an intelligent future

To be curators of technology that provide customized and integrated turn-key solutions that can transform assets into intelligent assets.

About Us

IQ Robotics was founded in Dubai in 2018 based on an essential need for cutting-edge technology in the supply chain and logistics industry in the region.

Customers in the region have ever-increasing expectations, and we trust that technology is the solution.

Our team came together from all over the world bringing their unique experience and expertise and most importantly their passion, to bring about essential progress and offer unlimited possibilities for customers who are ready to bring the future of technology here and now.