Warehouse Automation


Conveyors systems are used for the safe transportation of the material which in turn minimize manual labor and increases efficiency. Conveyors system are not only easy to install but easy to operate in comparison to forklifts or any other material handling equipment.

Conveyors system can be used to move and transport any kind of loads irrespective of the weight, size and shape. It also helps in minimizing material and product loss which incurred in operations due to inconsistent handling, breakage and employee negligence. We represent Damon which expertise in manufacturing best of the breed conveyors and sorters system.

      Pallet Conveyors
        Roller Conveyor

        Chain Conveyor

        Transfer Mechanism

        Rotary table Conveyor

        Palletizer and de-palletizer

        Shuttle Car

      Carton Conveyors
        Belt Conveyor

        Belt Curved Conveyor

        Line Shaft Driven Roller Conveyor

        Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor

        V-Belt Roller Conveyor

        Power roller Driven Roller Conveyor

        Standard Gravity Conveyor

        Spiral Conveyor

      Vertical Lifter
        VEF Continuous lifter

        AENW reciprocating Pallet lifter

        AEW reciprocating Pallet lifter

      Express Conveyors
        Straight Belt Conveyor

        Inclined Belt Conveyor

        Draw-out belt Conveyor

        Flexible expandable belt conveyor


Advanced & efficient Order processing depends on a high throughput sortation system with the capacity to sort up to 25,000 pieces per hour.

      Cross belt sorter: Sorting Capacity 15000 Piece/h

      Push-tray sorter: Sorting Capacity 12000 Piece/h

      Sliding Shoe Sorter: Sorting Capacity 8000 Piece/h

      Power Ball Sorter: Sorting Capacity 5000 Piece/h

      Swivel Wheel Sorter: Sorting Capacity 4200 Piece/h

      Narrow Belt Sorter: Sorting Capacity 2500 Piece/h

      Right-angled transfer section: Sorting Capacity 1800 Piece/h

      Swivel arm sorter: Sorting Capacity 1600 Piece/h

      Cross belt sorter is featuring with high efficiency low consumption, High speed, Low noise, High cost performance and low error rate. Its low consumption loop drive, Cross belt servo drive and low noise loop running mechanism have already get to an international advanced level, equal to domestic leading level. With a sorting rate of 25,000 p/h, it is one of the first choices by E-commerce, express, apparel industries for intelligent sorting equipment.

      Dare CBS-III Composition and function introduction:

      Cross belt sorter system is composed of infeeding part, Sorter host, Outfeeing part and control system. Item enter sorter hose by control system from infeeding system for sorting operation. Outfeeding system will help locate items physical location and storage to achieve its sorting function.

      Infeeding System:

      To achieve high efficiency and accurate operation of sorter host. Function of this system is to automatically measure physical parameter and information identification of items to be sorted properly and synchronously infeed onto high speed running sorting vehicle. Narrow belt sorter system is can be provided with fully automated, Semi-automated Or Manually operated infeeding system according to working environment.

      Sorter host system:

      Sorter host is the main part to implement sorting operation, with the function of delivering items with sorting information to the right sorting diverts in accordance with logical relation. With servo direct drive technology, Instant start to insure items keeping in middle of vehicle during loading and unloading as well as reducing sorting error rate.

      Outfeeding System:

      It is the end equipment in sorting system. It will temporarily store the items delivered by sorter host, inspect and display related parameters of items and transmit these information to master control system and manage them. Different kinds of outputs can be used to match wide range of items sizes and shapes. Items can be directly sorted into Chutes, bag rack, cage …etc.

      Control System:

      The brain and nerve of the whole sorting system. It integrates mobile power supply technology, Mobile communication technology, Field bus, OPC communication, Industrial ethernet communications technology, PLC servo and frequency conversion technology etc. It coordinates each function module, The communication function in control system and ca exchange data and management policy with the upper management system making the sorting system become integral and part of the whole logistics management system.

    System features:
      Cross belt servo roller drive technology:

      Instead of the traditional timed synchronization drive, pulse counting ensures more accurate induction of objects onto the cross-belt sorter.

      Modular quick-release construction for easy maintenance:

      The introduction of a modular construction design and quick release technology makes changing a cross belt car extremely convenient taking only five minutes.

      Low power consumption:

      Compared with the traditional cross belt sorters, the application of new technology including a new drive system, extremely light car body and utilizing low power consumption running gear, construction, etc. reduces the energy consumption by 20%.

      High speed, low noise:

      A perfect mix of a super light aluminum vehicle body with optimized construction and low running noise design provides a noise level under 65dB.

      Low consumption loop drive technology (Linear Motor):

      High performance line set with small gap wheel guided bilateral solenoid drive, High thermal conductive aluminum thermal interface material and High-density heat flow exhaust and cooling technology.

      Mechatronics features:

      The introduction of a modular construction design and quick release technology makes changing a cross belt car extremely convenient taking only five minutes.

Sliding Shoe Sorter Dash SSS-III
      Dash SSS-III high speed sliding shoe sorter is the third generation of new sorter dedicated and develop by Damon. As a perfect mix of speed and reliability. No matter how changeable of goods weight, shape and size is, the unique sliding shoe sorter will present an accurate, flexible and fast sorting operation.

    Dah SSS-III MAIN Performance parameter:
      Sliding shoe sorter is featuring with high speed, high efficiency, stability & reliability. Its electromagnetic high-speed switch technology, modular unit integration technology and low noise running mechanism have already get to an international advanced level, equal to domestic leading level with sorting rate of 8,000 p/h

    Dah SSS-III product features:
      Electromagnetic high-speed switching technology: The speed and sortation function are perfectly combined by adopting the latest electromagnetic driven high-speed switch technology. Millisecond switching capability and unique fork vibration elimination technology are safe, reliable and maintenance free.

      High speed sorting rate: The sorter host can run at an operating line speed of 2.5 m/s. The single side sorting rate can achieve 8,000 pieces per hour. Items may also be simultaneously sorted to both sides.

      Modular unit integration technology: By utilizing modular unit integration technology, the construction is simple and convenient for maintenance. Removing and replacing a sliding shoe can be completed in only two minutes.

      Low noise: The use of the latest high-tech materials has lowered the running noise creating a more comfortable working environment. The operating noise of the main line is less than 70db.

      Dual motor synchronous drive technology: Using two low power technology drive motors instead of a single large power motor to drive the main line provides higher control precision and a more stable and easily configured system.

1ST09 Power Ball sorter:
      The Power Ball Sorter utilizes a specially constructed power ball. A synchronous belt drives beveled gears which in turn drives the power ball. The Power Ball Sorter operates as an independent unit. The Power Ball Sorter can sort single sided and double sided at multiple angles. It is suitable for diverting and sorting cartons, totes, boxes, bags and other soft packages.
    Product Performance:
      - Maximum load: ≤ 0.5Kg to 30kg/m

      - Conveying Speed: 36, 45, 55, 66, 78, 90, 100m/min.

      - The conveying speed is 1.1-1.2 times of that of main conveying line.

      - Sorting efficiency: ≤5000pcs/h.

      - Ambient temperature: -5℃~40℃

      - Ambient humidity: ≤90% (without Condensation)

    Standard Specifications:
      - Outer width of the frame (W): 570, 770, 970

      - Inner width of the frame (B/B): W-70

      - The width of guard rail:

      B/B – 5mm installed on the inner side;

      B/B + 7mm installed on the outer side.

      - Module Length (L): 720, 935, 1155

      - Swivel wheel pitch (P): L100×W70mm

      - Sorting angle: 30°, 45°.

      - Sorting direction: Single sided or double-sided sorting.

      - Installation Height of lower conveyor (H): ≥350.

      - The height of guard rail (PGR): 65、80.

      *All dimensions in mm